Chris Breikss aka Motley Mack

Motley Mack is the alter ego for Chris Breikss who is an entrepreneur and founding partner of the digital agency Major Tom which has offices in Toronto where Chris is currently based as well as New York and Vancouver (HQ).

Chris started Major Tom as two different agencies that merged in 2018. One was a digital marketing and advertising company called 6S Marketing that he started way back in the year 2000 and the other a creative and web development agency, Drive Digital, that he co-founded in 2012.

Today, Chris’s primary role in the agency is in innovation and related to company expansion and growth as well as new product development. Since he was a little kid, Chris has had a passion for entering contests, prize, draws, and raffles.

Now as an adult in his 40s, Chris plays daily fantasy sports (DFS) and has a passion for exploring mobile games and contests and learning the game mechanics behind them and how they work. He is fascinated by how mobile is evolving contesting and the gamification of brands.

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Why the name Motley Mack? Originally it was a name that my wife (Kyla) was using for a fashion influencer blog that she created but that went out the window when our son was born. Its a blend of Kyla’s last name (MacKinnon) and the chosen name of a future pet dog already pre-named Motley. It has influences from Mötley Crüe and Motley Fool, of course.

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