My Adventures in Learning About Twitch Streaming


I have been exploring live streaming and specifically Twitch and Facebook but have been struggling to figure out how I could get more involved. I have wanted to setup a channel but was not sure what my angle or content could be. At first, I thought that I could host a channel and talk about marketing content and campaigns that we are running at Major Tom but then I realized a few things. First, this seems like a very complicated and daunting task to gather all of the materials and information in order to provide valuable insight and case studies. If I went in this direction, I would want to do it well and make sure the production quality and content was excellent. This gave me ‘analysis paralysis’ which prevented me from really getting this idea off the ground.

Instead, I did some self-reflection about what I really like and would enjoy talking about off the cuff and have a bit of fun while doing it. That is how I came up with the idea to theme my content around mobile games and contesting. I love seeing how brands like Starbucks or Coors Light are evolving contesting and gamifying the brand experience online and in particular with mobile.

OK, so now I had the framework of an idea and I decided to go all in and set up a Twitch channel and take over the Motley Mack brand that I had created 5 years ago with my wife and re-launch it as my new outlet for this creative content.

In order to really launch the channel, I decided that I wanted to get some new gear and really launch the channel properly. I had been experimenting with Twitch enough that I knew that I needed better video quality, better sound, and better lighting. Also, my channel design and name (personal brand) needed work so I hired an expert on Fiverr who has experience creating these kinds of things because I don’t. I also wanted to keep costs down until I can prove the concept of this model.

I also realized that my original concept was flawed. My initial plan was to just stream my iPhone screen to my twitch channel and talk about what I was experiencing. The viewer of my channel would be able to see the gameplay and that’s it. The alternative was to just film me pointing to my iPhone and describing the game. After watching a number of successful Twitch channels I realized that being able to see the hosts face AND the game at the same time is what viewers want. I also wanted to show the actual gameplay and mechanics of the contest and what the experience is like on a mobile device. The challenge was, how do you do this all on an iPhone. The short answer is you can’t.

After some careful YouTubing about live streaming mobile games, I decided that I needed some new streaming equipment to pull this off.

  • a new webcam for my laptop
  • a microphone
  • a light
  • software to mirror my phone and cast it on my laptop

In my next post I will showcase what I bought and how much it all cost.